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Spy Tunes GuruYou Can Learn Guitar with Spy Tunes!

Welcome to Spy Tunes, a learn guitar website dedicated to teach you how to play guitar and learn songs at the same time.

There are over 600 video guitar lessons available here at spytunes.com, all in direct connection with a series of eBooks and Guitar Courses.

Learn Guitar in 12 steps videoHow to play guitar

As well as the video lessons and the eBooks, there are also a few guides that sum up what Spy Tunes Method is all about.

Check out the 4 video series How To Play Guitar to get a 20 minute no nonsense guide.

Earlier this year I also made a video that looks at how you can get to master level in just 12 steps. You find this video here: Learn Guitar In 12 Steps.

If you are curious about where all this stuff came from, check out Spy Tunes Story.
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Beginner Guitar Course

For a step by step guide of the entire beginner program, sign up for a weekly beginner guitar course!

A seriously thorough 18 week guitar course will teach you all the fundamental skills you need in order to learn guitar.

Learn all open position chords, 8 complete songs, how to build 2nd guitar parts and most importantly; how chord progressions actually work.

You can learn guitar!

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