Spy Tunes Story part 8

Learn more from other instruments!

If pianists could teach you harmony, then who can teach you rhythm?

-Well, that should be the drummer shouldn’t it?

As I was in a music school there were other musicians around as well, not just guitar players and one instrument had students that always excelled the others.

The drummers seemed to always become really good, really quickly. I was intrigued so I bought some drummer DVDs, a few books and had a few chats with drummers around the college to see what they practiced.

Turned out that these guys where almost as organized as the piano players, there where commonly embraced techniques and exercises that all drummers learned, one of them was called Rudiments and the idea was to “separate the limbs”.

To make a long story short, the rudiments are combination’s of left and right hand strokes, so for example: R L R L R R, L R L R L L would be played to a click and the BPM was pushed. Next exercise could be: R L R R, L R L L.

All in all there are 40 drum rudiments that once completed provide you with a new ease in your playing.

By moving the rudiments to a drum kit and applying, for example, the R hand to the snare and the L hand to the ride, you’d get different rhythms. After such an adventure you’d have “separated the limbs”, meaning that any hand could play anything, independently of the other.

Rudiments become the Spyder

I though long and hard about this before I developed and started to test what was to become the “Spyder”.

The Spyder takes the drum rudiments idea of separating the hands and puts it on the guitar.

You can check out the Spyders on the site for video instruction, or read more in The Guitar Conspiracy. Should you want all the TAB for the exercises you’d find them in the Work Book.

To be continued…

Dan (your guitar guru)

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