Advanced Guitar Lesson Library

Acoustic Songs, Modes, Arpeggios and Extended Chords!

Welcome to the Advanced Guitar Lesson Library.

In the advanced library you’ll find all the video lessons for arpeggios, modes, extended chords, more chromatic exercises and another bunch of complete acoustic songs.

Take the step by step course and we always start with a song, then learn about scales, arpeggios, chords and progressions from the song.

Sp Tunes motto is: Don’t just learn the tune – Learn from the tune!

Tears In Heaven chords Acoustic Songs

The Advanced Acoustic Songs have extended chords like min7 and maj9, some even have really complicated sounding chords like the maj7#11.

Learn how to play Blackbird by The Beatles, Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy, Scarborough Fair by Simon & Garfunkel, Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton, Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin and many more.

Go to Advanced Acoustic Songs.

Aeolian EmAeolian

To learn the Aeolian mode we start by first playing a minor pentatonic shape.

From this point we add the two intervals that give the Aeolian scale its distinctive sound.

This is the same concept as when you learned a blues scale by adding a b5 to a minor pentatonic.

Chord Progression AdvancedChord Progression

In the Advanced Lesson Library you find how to play the Ionian mode (the major scale) and how to extend all your barre chords.

On the Advanced Chord Progression pages we pair these two concepts up and play each chord from every note of the major scale.

These exercises will change the way you see the fret board.


Chordacus display all the modes and arpeggios clearly all over the fretboard.

Use this software to help you as you practice.

For example, all modes are practiced using the barre chord shape, the pentatonic and mode, in Chordacus these layers have different colors so you can visualize them easier.

Go to Advanced Chordacus to find out more.

Dom7 Chords Cycle of 4thsChords

The time has come to extend all your barre chord shapes to min7, maj7, dom7 and min7b5.

We practice these chord shapes in every shape, all over the neck.

Since you can already do this with triads it doesn’t take too long to learn how to do it with these seventh note chords.

Go to Advanced Chords.

Chromatic Exercise 21Chromatic Exercises

Another 17 variations on the Chromatic Exercise.

You will improve pick control, sweeping, timing and speed.

For best results follow the instructions the step by step Advanced Guitar Course offer.

To try the exercises out, visit the Advanced Chromatic Exercises.

Arpeggios advanced dom7Dom7 Arpeggios

How do you play it and when do you use it?

The dom7 arpeggio sits over chord V and whenever you changed a chord from minor to major.

Get all the video lessons for each and every shape when you visit the Dom7 Arpeggio pages.

Dorian CmDorian

Just like with Aeolian we build the Dorian mode from the minor pentatonic.

Only one note differ between Aeolian and Dorian so when you can play one it is easy to play the other.

In practice you can use the Dorian mode whenever you play over chord II, which appear in most song! Go to Dorian for all the video lessons.

Scarborough Fair Guitar LessonFinger Style Songs

There are some very tricky songs available in Advanced Finger Style Songs.

Blackbird by The Beatles, Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton are just two songs that may take several days to learn.

I used to think it would take me a life time to understand these songs but that was before I understood chord progressions as numbers!

Guitar Course

There’s a lot of material to go through in the Advanced Guitar Lesson Library.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all these excises and songs sent to you twice a week in the perfect order?

It’s all set up in the step by step Advanced Guitar Course!

Ionian E shapeIonian

Ionian, the modal name for the major scale. You already know it, it’s the Do – Re – Mi – Fa – So – La – Ti – De one.

To learn it on the guitar you need to start with a chord shape, add a major pentatonic and then two more intervals.

This is how you learn all major modes, go to Ionian for all video lessons.

Lydian connectLydian

Another mode is Lydian, this is a scale that appear when you play from chord IV. (Ionian was chord I)

Similar to Ionian in that we first play a chord, then a major pentatonic, then add two notes.

Only one of those last two notes differ between Ionian and Lydian!

Arpeggio Amaj7Maj7 Arpeggios

With modes you have one mode for each chord, so Ionian for chord I, Lydian for chord IV.

As both these chords extend to maj7 we can play a maj7 arpeggio, no matter if it’s chord I or IV.

The maj7 arpeggio has even more uses. Go to Maj7 Arpeggios to find out more.

Major Pentatonic Modes

These pages explain the similarities between the Ionian, Lydian and Mixolydian mode.

If you can already play a new pentatonic when a chord change, adding a couple of notes and going modal really isn’t that difficult.

Go to Major Pentatonic Modes and see how they are very similar, yet so different.

Minor Pentatonic modes

You’ve guessed it, it’s the same with the minor modes!

Aeolian, Dorian and Phrygian are very similar, the most important thing to remember is that if you can swap minor pentatonic scales, you can swap modes.

All you need to know is which chord has what scale connected to it.

Go to Minor Pentatonic Modes to find out more.

Arpeggio min7Min7 Arpeggios

It took me a while before I noticed that the difference between a minor pentatonic and a min7 arpeggio is only one note.

When I noticed this I also realised that I could learn this arpeggio really quickly. I just removed one note from what I already knew.

Go to Min7 Arpeggios for all the exercises.

Min7b5 Chords Cycle of 4thsMin7b5 Arpeggios

It took me even longer to see the connection between the min7b5 arpeggio and the minor Blues Scale.

When I did this arpeggio was easy too!

Go to Min7b5 Arpeggios and see if you can spot the Blues Scale connection.

Mixolydian E shapeMixolydian

Mixolydian is another major mode, very similar to the Ionian mode (that’s the major scale again).

Again we play a chord shape, a major pentatonic and then the last two notes.

By doing it this way you start to hear the different intervals, this in turn tunes your ear. Go to Mixolydian for video lessons.

Chords Advanced add9More Chords

There are more chords to learn than the standard seventh note chords when you play advanced guitar songs.

These are the add9, sus2, sus4, 7sus4, 6 and dim7 chords.

Sounds complicated but you’d be surprised how easy this language is. A 6 chord for example is simply a major chord with an added 6th interval.

Phrygian CmPhrygian

The last minor mode to learn is the flamenco sounding Phrygian mode.

Just like Aeolian and Dorian we just build the mode by adding notes to the minor pentatonic.

In practice you use the Phrygian mode over chord III.

Chord III is a minor chord, in some songs it has been modified into a major or IIIx chord. The scale change then as well.

Phrygian Dominant CmPhrygian Dominant

This is the odd one out, a Phrygian Dominant scale is connected with chord IIIx, which come from chord III (Phrygian).

Just like the chord has gone from minor to major, so has the scale.

When it comes to the actual scale shape we build the Phrygian Dominant scale from a minor scale shape, then change the third.

Creepin' In Guitar LessonRhythm Guitar Songs

Get a close up video of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream and many more Acoustic Songs.

Use these videos to study intricate strumming details.

For best results, read the strumming patterns supplied in the Advanced Guitar Course.

To have a look at the videos, go to Advanced Rhythm Guitar Songs.

Advanced Funk 6Rhythmical Exercises

Another fifteen Rhythmical Exercises to get your teeth into!

You won’t need to spend much time with these, instead you can after playing these write your own.

Learn more about developing exercises in the Advanced Guitar Course.

To see the video lessons already now, go to Advanced Rhythmical Exercises.

SWS D MajorSong Writers Swivel

Now that we can play the modes these can easily be added to the Advanced Song Writers Swivel.

All chords are still organised by numbers, now they get its own mode and arpeggio.

Use the Advanced Song Writers Swivel to keep track of of them all.