Advanced Acoustic Songs

Learn Advanced Acoustic Guitar Songs!

The advanced guitar songs use chord extensions and inversions that may be new to you.

A few solos are incorporated into the arrangements as well, sometimes as overdubs, sometimes not.

To learn more about each song, take the Advanced Guitar Course.

In the course we not only learn the songs, exactly as in the video lessons, we also play the vocal melodies and improvise over the chord progressions.

Angels chordsAngels

This one guitar arrangement of ‘Angels’ is an example of how to arrange piano parts for the guitar.

The first chord, a C shaped E major chord use the low open E to create a big sounding, piano like chord.

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Baby Won't You Please Come Home chordsBaby Won’t You please Come Home

‘Baby Won’t You Please Come Home’ is a Jazz/Blues written by Clarence Williams.

Sung by Bessie Smith, Nat King Cole & Ella Fitzgerald it has become a jazz standard.

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Blackbird chordsBlackbird

Inspired by Bachs’ Boueree in E minor, Paul McCartney created a modern masterpiece that all other acoustic finger picked songs shall forever be compared to.

Open strings are used almost throughout ‘Blackbird’ which ties the constantly modulating progression together nicely.

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Cannonball chordsCannonball

The original recording of ‘Cannonball’ contains up to 6 guitars playing different lines.

Our one guitar arrangement is a combination of these parts. You will need a capo to get it in the right key.

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Close To You chordsClose To You

Carpenters ‘Close To You’ was written by Burt Bacharach so we are in for some clever chordal movement here.

Starting off with an Aadd9, Bacharach cleverly disguise where the tonal centre is since an add9 chord could be pretty much any of the 7 chords in a key.

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Creepin In chordsCreepin’ In

This fast paced country song is played using pull offs and hammer on’s from the Minor Pentatonic and Mixolydian scale.

There’s complete TAB (including the solo) available when you take the full course.

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Don't Wait Too Long chordsDon’t Wait Too Long

Using chord progressions like I – VI – II – V with some interesting extensions and slash chords Madeleine Peyroux launched herself as a contemporary answer to Billie Holiday.

The M8 (bridge) section use a long cycle of 4th progression, further adding to the 1940s Jazz/Blues vibe.

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I Shot The Sheriff chordsI Shot The Sheriff

Spy Tunes one guitar arrangement of ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ is inspired by the original Bob Marley recording but also by Eric Clapton‘s version.

The verse chord progression is simple and very Aeolian using the IVmaj7 and the IIIm7 to point back to VI.

Go to video lesson: I Shot The Sheriff Chords

Over The Rainbow chordsOver The Rainbow

With its intricate picking pattern and chord extensions ‘Over The Rainbow’ gently moves you from one chord to the next.

Eva Cassidy‘s beautiful one guitar arrangement of this classic song is what is on offer in this lesson.

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Roxanne chordsRoxanne

Roxanne’s Verse progression descend which cleverly supports the lyrical attempt to stop Roxanne from selling her body under the red light.

The bridge/pre-chorus use II – V – VI which set us up for the more traditional I – IV – V chorus.

Go to video lesson: Roxanne Chords

Scarborough Fair chordsScarborough Fair

‘Scarborough Fair’ take full advantage of the II chord by using the extensions sus2, 6 and sus4 ending up with a composition in Dorian.

It would be very hard to play Scarborough Fair using different shapes as the incorporated open strings give the arrangement its distinctive sound.

Go to video lesson: Scarborough Fair Chords

Stairway To Heaven chordsStairway To Heaven

This early 70s legendary recording has been attempted by most aspiring guitarists.

To fully understand the master piece that is ‘Stairway To Heaven’ you need to dive deep into the chord progression.

Go to video lesson: Stairway To Heaven Chords

Sunshine Of Your Love chordsSunshine Of Your Love

This one guitar version of ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ is a combination of Creams original and Spanky Wilson’s cover.

Using the main riff as a starting point over this blues the I chord has sometimes been extended to a 7#9.

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Take Me To The River chordsTake Me To The River

This song has been recorded in two keys, with two different singers.

In the first version we take advantage of the low open strings the key of E gives us.

In the second key of G we get different advantages.

.Go to video lesson: Take Me To The River Chords

Tears In Heaven chordsTears In Heaven

Most people recognise Clapton’s live version from the legendary Unplugged Album.

‘Tears In Heaven’ form a genius chord progression that use small variations and slash chords to keep the harmonic interest on top.

Go to video lesson: Tears In Heaven Chords

Wish You Were Here chordsWish You Were Here

The Stadium meets campfire trick that ‘Wish You Were Here’ pull off have been attempted by so many bands since.

It’s actually difficult to think of one that doesn’t sound a bit like “the original”.

Go to video lesson: Wish You Were Here Chords

Get even more when you take the course!

To dive deep into all these songs you need to examine all chords, bass lines, licks and even the vocal melodies.

This will not only teach you how to play them but also how to write similar songs and guitar parts, even how to improvise.

Yes, there is complete TAB for everything but that’s just the beginning.

Alongside learning the songs you will also be learning all about modes, arpeggios and chord extensions.

To get the most from these classic songs, take the Advanced Guitar Course.