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Blackbird Finger Style Lesson

Blackbird use an index finger strum!

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Blackbird chords lessonLearn how to play Blackbird!

Inspired by Bachs’ Boueree in E minor, Paul McCartney created a modern masterpiece that all other acoustic finger picked songs shall forever be compared to.

Open strings are used almost throughout Blackbird which ties the progression together nicely.

Pair the above with varying the time signatures and the classic switch from IV to IVm and you have a guitar accompaniment that has reached legendary status.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to understand each chord in Blackbird as a number.

Blackbird Chord Progression

The opening: IIIIII – I progression follows the melody in a most harmonic way.

Continuing with some very intelligent counterpoint guitar work that, among other things, move from C to Cm, or IV to IVm. More on this during the Advanced Guitar Course.

What we end up with is a progression that constantly drives the track forward, carrying a simple melody from beginning to end.

To shake things up, the Chorus can be seen as if in the key of F, C or G.

It is the feeling of being in all these keys that give Blackbird’s Chorus its distinctive sound.

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