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Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven

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Stairway To Heaven

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Stairway To Heaven chords lessonLearn how to play Stairway To Heaven!

This early 70s legendary recording has been attempted by most aspiring guitarists.

For a full chord analysis of Stairway To Heaven, check the blog post Stairway To Heaven use modes were guru talks about how Stairway is in Dorian, Melodic Minor and Aeolian.

To fully understand the master piece that is inside Stairway To Heavens chords you would need to dive deep into the chord progression, we do this in the Advanced Guitar Course.

The genius movement of starting in Dorian, gradually moving into Aeolian during the verse makes this song feel as if it’s evolving.

To learn the chords as names would be completely pointless since they are unique to the song.

Don’t attempt to memorize how to play a Am9/G# should it ever come in handy for another song, it won’t.

Instead, we look at the chord movements as intervals and counter melodies when you take the course.

Stairway To Heaven Modes

Playing with Dorian, Melodic Minor and Aeolian, the chromatic bass line paired with the chord notes give the vocal a very “mysterious sounding” landscape to sit in.

The use of Dorian is in general a clever move, to be in minor for 8 minutes would have been a bit too much.

Dorian’s uplifting variation on the minor theme works really well for such situations.

The modes movement is the key to understanding Stairway To Heavens chords.

Stairway To Heaven solo

This classic solo was held back and added last in the recording process.

Improvised apart from the opening lick, the solo in Stairway To Heaven’ was memorized post the recording process by Page, not before!

Recorded on a Supro and a Telecaster it has become one of the first big mountains guitar players climb on their way to learning the instrument.

After not being sure if we are in Aeolian or Dorian the solo removes all doubt by finishing off the opening Em shaped Am pentatonic lick on an F.

This is the b6 of A Aeolian and the root of the F chord.

Add to this that we just exited a chaotic odd time signature section and we really get the feeling of the solo as “kicking off”.

Solo Analysis

As well as learning this solo “lick for lick”, you should also look at what scale shape is used, and especially what extra notes Jimmy Page ads.

Page adds the b6 frequently and use four of the minor pentatonic shapes, the Em shape, the Cm shape, the Dm shape and the Am shape up until 6:20 where the 9th is introduced.

The melody that follows at 6:30 frequently use the 9th, the difference in sound between adding the 9th instead of the b6th is clear.

The 9th is more sweet and melodic sounding, the b6 is more extreme.The whole feel of the solo changes because of this.

Learn from Stairway To Heaven’s solo

The Solo of Stairway To Heaven which start at 6:00 contain some seriously tasty licks.

Experiment with moving a lick from one shape to another, and make sure you know where all your b6′s and 9ths are.

The final solo at 7:32 use double stops, focus on the 2nd string to see what note you’re playing.

Take the Advanced Guitar Course for more instructions, TAB and chord charts.

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