Wish You Were Here Chords

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here Chords

Learn how to play Wish You Were Here!

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Wish You Were Here chords lessonLearn how to play Wish You Were Here!

The greatest lesson when learning Wish You Were Here might be in playing something simple really well.

Wish You Were Here chords are simple and form this progression:

IVVIII followed by: V – IV – II – I.

This simple variation drives the tune forward and makes playing the song meditative.

The opening licks Gilmour play use the minor pentatonic scale.

The Stadium meets campfire trick have been attempted by so many rock bands since Wish You Were Here, it’s actually difficult to think of one that doesn’t sound a bit like “the original”.

As you saw in beginner guitar songs, most classic guitar ballads use the chords of G Am C and D.

Classic Acoustic Guitar Tricks

It’s hard to imagine an epic “one acoustic guitar” kind of song before Wish You Were Here.

It is almost as if it is written to be played in a stadium.

Even the hammer on’s are classics, repeated many times since.

Copied by hundreds of other famous songs in progression, chord shapes and guitar style it is compulsory to learn a song like Wish You Were Here note for note.

The video lesson is as close as I could get.

No one can play it like Gilmour, but there’s a great lesson in trying!

To learn more from Wish You Were Here, take the Advanced Guitar Course where we dive deep into everything that makes Wish You Were Here a hit.

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