Blues Jam Tracks


Blues Jam Tracks - Intro

electric guruLearn how to use modes and Arpeggios over a Blues!

Find the Advanced Blues Jam Tracks Intro below.

Mixolydian Blues

Mixolydian Blues

Learn how to play a Blues using Mixolydian!

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Mixing Major Modes

Mixing Major Modes

Learn how to mix modes over a major Blues!

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Minor Modes

Minor Modal Blues

Learn how to use the Minor Modes over a Minor Blues!

Go to Minor Modal Blues.

Mixing Minor Modes

Mixing Minor Modes

Learn how to mix minor modes!

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Jazz Blues

Modal Jazz Blues

Learn how to play over  Jazz Blues using modes!

Go to Modal Jazz Blues.


Modal Blues with Turnaround

Learn how to apply modes and arpeggios over a Turnaround!

Go to Modal Blues with Turnaround.

Video Lessons

Step By Step Video Lessons

electric guruStep by step instructions!

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Blues Jam Tracks GuruLearn how to improvise with modes over a Blues!

If you improvised over the Blues Jam Tracks with your pentatonic and blues scales during your intermediate studies, then this is the next step.

Here at Advanced Blues Jam Tracks we play modes and arpeggios over the same Blues Jam Tracks.

The purpose of these Jam Tracks is for you to test your chord, scale and arpeggio knowledge.

Check individual lesson links for a video explanation of each bundle.

Blues Jam Tracks