Chord Progression


Chord Progression - Intro

The most important exercises!

Find the Advanced Chord Progression Intro below.

Around E shape

Chord Progression around E shape

See the connection between scale and chords!

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Around A shape

Chord Progression around A shape

Learn all chords around the A shaped major scale!

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Around D shape

Chord Progression around D shape

This is the most difficult shape to remember!

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Around G shape

Chords Progression around G shape

Learn all chords around the G shaped major scale!

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Around C shape

Chords Progression around C shape

Notes below the root are as important as the ones above!

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Chord Progression Conclusion

You are close to mastering the Guitar!

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Master Chord Progression

These final exercises will set you free!

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These are the most important exercises to learn!

During the beginner and intermediate chord progressions you learned that this is the key to understanding the guitar.

This is because chord progressions are what link chords, scales and arpeggios together.

During your advanced studies we will pair the chord progressions with everything else we practice, like this:

The exercises here in Advanced Chord Progression are what all other exercises strive towards and refer back to so practice extensively!

These exercises will make the guitar neck make sense.

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