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Advanced Chordacus - Intro

See the modes with Chordacus!

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Major Modes

Major Modes

See all the major modes with Chordacus

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Minor Modes

Minor Modes

See all the minor modes with Chordacus

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Chordacus Software

See the entire fretboard with Chordacus!

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Intermediate Chordacus

See all barred chords and pentatonic scales!

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See all the modes and arpeggios in Chordacus!

In Advanced Guitar we learn all the modes and arpeggios.

Some more colors are therefore added in Chordacus.

Follow the lesson links on the right for color co-ordination instructions.

It is vital that you know your major chords and all minor pentatonic and major pentatonic shapes before you start studying the modes.

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