Advanced Chromatic Exercises

Put some rhythm in your Chromatic Exercise!

On this page you find another 17 Chromatic and Sweep Exercises to get your teeth into!

The main difference from now on is that we start combining different rhythms.

When you can play these at a tempo around 100-140 you will notice a new ease in your playing.

Let’s start by sweeping using rhythms.

Sweeping Exercises 15-18

Identical to Chromatic Exercises 11-14 these exercises use 16th note clusters but now we sweep them.

Sing the rhythm at the same time as you play it and increase the BPM slowly.

Sweeping exercises are the ones to be extra careful with when increasing BPM.

Don’t increase with more than 2 BPM at a time, focus on accuracy!

Since the rhythms vary, but the distance between strings remain the same, you will develop some serious pick control.

Chromatic Speed Exercises 19-20

These two chromatic exercise will dramatically improve your speed.

By playing 6 16th notes and rest for 2 as in Exercise 19 you create a little gap in the exercise, this means that the BPM can be pushed further.

For Exercise 20, play 7 16th notes, rest for 1 16th.

Chromatic Exercises 21-25

The following chromatic exercises combine rhythms, this is key to improve your ability to stay in time.

When you are perfectly on the click it should disappear, the sound of your notes should cancel out the sound of the metronome.

This is what musicians refer to as “bury the click”.

Sweeping Speed Exercises 26-31

The last sweeping exercises at advanced are Sweeping Speed Exercises that focus on, that’s right, your speed.

The key here is absolute accuracy, spend 30 sec to a minute on an individual exercise before you take a short break (10-30 sec), then increase the tempo with only 2 BPM.

Measure your results by looking back at your BPM results weekly.

Conclusion Advanced Chromatic Exercises

These exercises focused on timing and speed, we played them both chromatically up and down the neck as well as sweeping over strings.

It would be a good idea to keep track of your BPM results for each individual exercise. If you do this you’re more likely to improve pick control and speed.

The Advanced Guitar Course discuss these exercises in further depth.