Advanced Finger Style Songs

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Learn how to play Finger Style Guitar!

If you have looked at all songs in beginner and intermediate you should now be nicely set up for some more challenging arrangements.

All songs are still one acoustic guitar arrangements, they’re just bigger and more intricate.

Blackbird and Tears In Heaven may look very difficult at first but soon you will find that there are underlying repetitive patterns applied to the chord progressions.

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Blackbird Guitar LessonBlackbird

The legendary Blackbird is a finger style master piece and should be learned note for note.

Inspired by a classical piece called Bourrée, Paul McCartney incorporated a folk technique that use an index finger flick.

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Close To You Guitar LessonClose To You

Originally a huge arrangement mainly driven by piano this classic love song has been arranged for just one acoustic guitar.

Melodies and chords are weaved in to a finger style pattern that switch to strumming in the chorus.

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Over The Rainbow Guitar LessonOver The Rainbow

Originally written for the film ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, this song was voted best song of the century.

Eva Cassidy made it her own using just one acoustic guitar, this video lesson is a note for note version of what Eva recorded.

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Scarborough Fair Guitar LessonScarborough Fair

Simon & Garfunkel made Scarborough Fair their own when they took an old english folk song and arranged it for just one guitar and vocals.

Scarborough Fair is played in Dorian, a mode which differ from natural minor (Aeolian) by only one note.

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Stairway To Heaven Guitar LessonStairway To Heaven

Possibly the most loved and hated song of all time, Stairway To Heaven is known for being banned in some music shops around the world.

Never released as a single this epic Led Zeppelin classic made it on to the radio and has been voted greatest rock song of all time, usually in competition tight with Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Tears In Heaven Guitar LessonTears In Heaven

My personal favourite song of all time, Tears In Heaven and the album ‘Eric Clapton Unplugged’ shaped my guitar playing like nothing before or since.

I spent a summer learning the whole album note by note, followed by arranging it all for one guitar.

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