Major Pentatonic Modes


Major Pentatonic Modes

Use the major pentatonic to build a major mode!

Find out about the Major Pentatonic Modes below.



Learn how to play the Ionian mode!

Go to Ionian.



Learn how to play the Lydian mode!

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Learn how to play the Mixolydian mode!

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Min Pentatonic Modes

Minor Pentatonic Modes

Start with a Pentatonic Scale to build any mode!

Go to Minor Pentatonic Modes.

Build any major mode from the Major Pentatonic scale!

The concept of the major pentatonic modes is as easy to learn as the minors since they have a relationship with the Major Pentatonic.

The S-E P R takes this idea and turns it into a practice routine.

Your hands need to know where these added notes are inside all 5 shapes.

Major Pentatonic1 2
Ionian   4   7
Lydian   #4
Mixolydian    4

Practice The Major Pentatonic Modes

Practice all major modes like this:

  1. Chord shape
  2. Major Pentatonic
  3. add 4/#4
  4. Major Pentatonic
  5. add b7/7
  6. Major Pentatonic
  7. Full mode
  8. Chord shape

Follow this routine and your hands will be quicker than your head.

This means that music can come through you, rather than from you.

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