Minor Pentatonic Modes


Minor Pentatonic Modes

Use the Minor Pentatonic to build a minor mode!

Find out about the Minor Pentatonic Modes below.



Learn how to play the Aeolian mode!

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Learn how to play the Dorian mode!

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Learn how to play the Phrygian mode!

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Phrygian Dominant

Phrygian Dominant

Learn how to play the Phrygian Dominant mode!

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Maj Pentatonic Modes

Major Pentatonic Modes

Start with a Pentatonic Scale to build any mode!

Go to Major Pentatonic Modes Intro.

Start with a pentatonic scale to build any mode!

The concept of the pentatonic modes is unique to Spy Tunes.

It is to our knowledge the quickest, easiest and most comprehensive way to understand harmony on the guitar.

The minor modes have this relationship with the minor pentatonic:

Minor Pentatonic
m3 4 5 b7
Aeolian 2 b6
Dorian 2 6
Phrygian b2 b6

Practice The Minor Pentatonic Modes

The S-E P R takes this idea and turns it into a practice routine.

Your hands need to know where these added notes are inside all 5 minor pentatonic shapes:

  1. Chord shape
  2. Minor Pentatonic
  3. add b2nd/2nd
  4. Minor Pentatonic
  5. add b6th/6th
  6. Minor Pentatonic
  7. Full mode
  8. Chord shape

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