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More Advanced Chords - Intro

Learn how to play chords like add9, sus2 and 7sus4!

Find the More Advanced Chords Intro below.

Add9 and Sus2

Add9 and Sus2 Chords

Learn how to play Add9 and Sus2 Chords!

Go to Add9 and Sus2 Chords.

Sus4 and 7sus4

Sus4 and 7sus4 Chords

Learn how to play Sus4 and 7sus4 Chords!

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6 Chords

6 Chords

Learn how to play 6 chords!

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Dim7 Chords

Dim7 Chords

Learn how to play the Dim7 chord!

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Master Chords

Master Chords

Learn how to build 9, 11 and 13 chords!

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Learn how to play add, sus, 6 and dim7 chord!

These video lessons deals with other variations the Andavcned Guitar Course discuss the: sus4, 7sus4, add9, sus2, 6 and dim7 in much more detail.

We see how the starting point for the first 4 chords is the third.

Chromatically the notes read: 4, 3, m3, 2. Find these notes in each chord shape and you shall be able to create any of these chords.

Below you find a slide show of these chords in a D shape


Dsus4 Chord


D Chord


Dm Chord


Dsus2 Chord

However, and this is important, not all chord shapes have all these variations as easily displayed as the D shape.

Find out exactly what works and what doesn’t on the related pages.

The better you understand each interval around the chord shape, the easier this is since you literally will “see the intervals”.

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