Advanced Rhythm Guitar Songs

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Ten songs with different Rhythm Guitar techniques!

After playing all sorts of rhythm guitar techniques during your beginner and intermediate studies it’s now time to fine tune your accuracy even more!

This selection of songs look at very difficult and fast strumming in Creepin’ In as well as super simple stuff in Wish You Were Here.

We get Jazz style comping in Don’t Wait Too Long and Baby Won’t You Please Come Home as well as blues riff style playing in Sunshine Of Your Love!

Since these video lessons are without any vocals, take the opportunity to play over these songs using scales and arpeggios you have been practicing.

Or why not work out a 2nd guitar part that compliments what I all ready do in the video?

In the Advanced Guitar Course we learn to play vocal melodies, these videos are then great to use as a backing track.

Angels Guitar LessonAngels

Angels was originally recorded on piano. To make this work on one guitar you need to create big sounding chords.

Big chords and a consistent strumming pattern really is all you need to make Angels work on just one Acoustic Guitar.

Go to Video Lesson: Angels Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Baby Won't You Please Come Home Guitar LessonBaby Won’t You Please Come Home

This is an old jazz/blues standard.

The arrangement for this keep this in mind and strum in a way you could adapt to pretty much any song in this style.

Go to Video Lesson: Baby Won’t You Please Come Home Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Cannonball Guitar LessonCannonball

The original recording is layered with up to six guitars.

To make it work on just one great care had to be taken to weave in the important melodies.

To get in the right key for the best chord shapes you also need a capo.

Go to Video Lesson: Cannonball Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Creepin' In Guitar LessonCreepin’ In

Creepin’ In is a fast paced song that use an open Cm chord shape, the only one I know of that use this awkward shape.

You may need to practice some strumming exercises to a click in order to play at this speed.

Go to Video Lesson: Creepin’ In Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Don't Wait Too Long Guitar LessonDon’t Wait Too Long

Another Jazz standard sounding song that could have been written a hundred years ago.

It’s actually from this side of the year 2000 which proves that simple jazz/blues songs can still be hits!

Go to Video Lesson: Don’t Wait Too Long Rhythm Guitar Lesson

I Shot The Sheriff Guitar LessonI Shot The Sheriff

Originally written by Bob Marley this fantastic track had Eric Clapton cover it.

Rarely is a cover up there with the original but in this case we felt Clapton’s version was so good that we recorded what can only be described as a hybrid of the two.

Go to Video Lesson: I Shot The Sheriff Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Roxanne Guitar LessonRoxanne

The Police first big hit has some great descending chords in the Verse.

Following the verse, the remaining progressions for the different parts create great tension which move the arrangement along.

There’s a lot to learn from Roxanne…

Go to Video Lesson: Roxanne Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Sunshine Of Your Love chordsSunshine Of Your Love

Originally a Cream song, seemingly most artists have at some point covered this Blues scale based classic.

Spy Tunes Version is some kind of hybrid of all versions we heard, the question is, what will be your version?

Go to Video Lesson: Sunshine Of Your Love Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Take Me To The River Guitar Lesson ETake Me To The River

Al Green’s awesome soul classic has been recorded in two keys to show you how a riff can be adapted.

First in E (original) and then in G to suit a female lead vocal.

This was a real test as different chord shapes create different vibes.

Go to Video Lesson: Take Me To The River Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Wish You Were Here Guitar LessonWish You Were Here

Is this the most legendary acoustic stadium rock song ever written?

I’d like to think so!

This song has to be played note for note…

Go to Video Lesson: Wish You Were Here Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Learn from the tune!

For best results, take the Advanced Guitar Course and get step by step instructions to playing all these songs.

Lessons include rhythm charts, full TAB with rhythms, transcribed vocal melodies as well as all the chords and scales for each song. You Can Learn Guitar!