Minor Pentatonic Modes

Start with a pentatonic scale to build any mode!

The concept of the pentatonic modes is unique to Spy Tunes.

It is to our knowledge the quickest, easiest and most comprehensive way to understand harmony on the guitar.

You simply start with a minor pentatonic shape, then add either a b2 or a 2 as well as a b6 or a 6 to create the desired mode.

The minor modes have this relationship with the minor pentatonic:

Minor Pentatonic
m3 4 5 b7
Aeolian 2 b6
Dorian 2 6
Phrygian b2 b6

In chordacus these modes are highlighted around the chord and pentatonic scale like this.

A Aeolian
A Dorian
A Phrygian

Practice The Minor Pentatonic Modes

The exercises for each mode add each interval one by one.

This formula for practicing all minor modes goes like this:

  1. Chord shape
  2. Minor Pentatonic
  3. add b2nd or 2nd
  4. Minor Pentatonic
  5. add b6th or 6th
  6. Minor Pentatonic
  7. Full mode
  8. Chord shape

This really is a case of easier said then done! To do the actual work involved will take some time, you need to be consistent and organised to work you way through all these exercises.

Luckily this is easier than ever as an entire course is written to do just this for you.

You’ll get all the TAB, extra exercises and most importantly musical examples, real songs, real solos and even vocal melodies to play on the guitar.

Without real examples, the modes are just scales. It’s what you do with them that matters!