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Acoustic Songs

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Chromatic Exercises

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What Is The S-E P R?

What is the S-E P R?

Learn about the Self-Eliminating Practice Routine.

Beginner whiteBeginner Guitar Songs!

The beginner guitar songs you are about to learn should not just be memorized.

Instead, follow the path of the Guitar Conspiracy and also learn from the songs!

The first thing to do is to turn a chord name like C into a roman numeral like I, or an Am into a VI.

By using this type of chord language you will learn how music works rather than having to remember a letter combination.

You will soon find similarities between songs and towards the end of your studies you might even be able to predict a chord by just listening to the melody.

Beginner Chords Lessons

All songs have a chords lesson that demonstrate how you could arrange a song for just one guitar.

Some of the songs are unique arrangements, some are note for note replicas.

Most of them are somewhere in between, like Wonderwall by Oasis, for example.

Beginner Guitar Songs Goal

Your aim when learning these songs should be to understand them on a higher level than just repeating memorized patterns.

Make sure you think of a D chord in G major as a V chord.

In Redemption Song for example, the D chord is a V chord.

Can you hear how G has the same function in The Drugs Don’t Work?

Beginner whiteBeginner Guitar Exercises

The Beginner exercises teach you the basics of the guitar.

Make sure you practice all exercises even if you all ready know how to play a bit of guitar.

The most important thing to learn here is about intervals and how they relate to the guitars basic chord shapes.

The biggest favor you can do yourself when practicing is to write down your results. Use the Work Book for this.

Chords and Chord Progressions

Your journey of understanding the guitar begins with ten really simple open position chords.

Later on you will discover that it’s the shape of this chord and what number it has that matters.

For now however, you should focus on how to fret all open position chords you learn here in your beginner routine.

Chromatic Exercises

The Spyder is not just your average chromatic exercise, it combines rhythm training with the chromatic exercise and fine tune:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Left and Right hand Co-ordination
  3. Speed

Chromatic exercises should be practiced for no more than 20-30 min.

Regular visits are much more efficient than long sessions every few days. Aim to find a balanced beginner practice routine that works for you.

Song practice, exercises and reading should all go hand in hand.

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