Beginner Guitar Course Week 10 Step 3 and 4

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The Drugs Don’t Work 2nd Guitar Part!

Today you can learn a couple of second guitar part ideas for ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ as well as try playing the song on your own.

The new parts are picked one note at a time, you can do this using a pick or play it finger style.

The best thing to do is to try both ways.

Week 10 – Step 3 – 20 min

These second guitar parts are very simple. It’s the same pattern throughout, all you have to do is apply the same concept to all chords.

We’ve spoken about how to build patterns like this earlier in the course, it’s really important that you try things like this with every song you learn if you want to learn from the song, rather than just learn the song.

Here’s the first idea:

As you can see, the pattern remain the same as the chords change, this adds to the meditative effect of the parts working together.

In the last bar you’ll find a variation in the pattern, experiment with applying this pattern anytime a chord is played for two bars.

Also, try the 2nd idea below which has switched the pattern around somewhat.

Once you get the hang of the pattern, check how the last bar has a modified C chord.

Since the new note is the same as we play on the open G string this doesn’t change the name of the chord, it is still just a C major chord.

As we enter the M8 (or bridge as Americans call it) there is a longer visit over chord IV (the F) than previously, the 2nd guitar parts explore this in two different ways.

The second idea look at using space to create more excitement.

This is usually a much better idea than adding more notes.

Using the four ideas above, come up with your own variations as you play along with the video.

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Week 10 – Step 4 – 10-20 min

It’s time to use the original strumming pattern and the second guitar parts learned today and come up with your own version of ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’.

Use the lyric sheet and sing it for maximum effect.

If you come up with a version you want to share with me, record and video respond to my video.

Beginner whiteConclusion

This week you have learned an entire song, including a few second guitar part ideas.

If you want more time, simply retake these last two lessons again over the next few days.

Next week we start working on a different song.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)