Beginner Guitar Course Week 11

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A Sweeping Chromatic Exercise + Time Of Your Life Verse!

Today we start looking at a complete new way of playing the Chromatic Exercise, we now travel across strings in a sweeping motion.

As well as this we start working on a new song, Green Day’s classic ‘Time Of Your Life’.

This new song use a pretty fast picked pattern. It would be fair to say that the better you become at playing the new Sweeping Exercise, the better you’ll be able to play the song.

Week 11 – Step 1 – 20 min

The new exercise is actually found in the intermediate section, so you’re progressing fast!

Instead of moving up the neck using four notes per string, we no only play one note per string but move up four strings!

Check the video for details, practice very slowly on your own at first. Ensure you pick the exercise exactly as I do in the video. Each down and upstroke have to be identical.

When the exercise flows, start playing it to a click. Take breaks and don’t play this for more than 20 minutes. Here’s the video:

Beginner white

Week 11 – Step 2 – 20 min

Let’s start learning ‘Time Of Your Life’. There are two parts to learn for this song. Study the TAB below, watch the video and start practicing this repetitive pattern.

As the pattern is pretty fast, take your time. It’s much better if you can play it well at a slow speed than fast but not accurately.

Here’s the TAB for the Verse.
Beginner Course Week 11 Simple Time Of Your Life
The double repeat sign in bar 3, 4, 7 and 8 simply means play what you did in the last two bars again.


Today you learned a new Chromatic Exercise that sweeps the strings.

You also started working on ‘Time Of Your Life’ by Green Day.

This song use a more intricate and faster picking pattern compared with what you have played before.

This most likely means that you need to practice the pattern slowly at first, build up to speed over time.

Why not practice this pattern again tomorrow and the day after. If you spend 10-20 min on it today as well as for the next two days you’ll be able to play it, no doubt.

In three days time we look at the remaining chords, sections and patterns for ‘Time Of Your Life’.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)