Beginner Guitar Course Week 11 Step 3 and 4

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The Sweeping Chromatic Exercise + Full Time Of Your Life!

Today we continue working on the new Sweeping Chromatic Exercise.

We also look at the remaining parts for ‘Time Of Your Life’. If you have practiced the pattern for the verse and can now play along with the video, this is gonna be easy!

Let’s get right to it.

Week 11 – Step 3 – 10-20 min

OK, so how do you practice this new exercise?

How many times do you play the looped pattern before you stop for a break and increase the BPM?

You don’t have to practice more than what this course suggest: Twice a week. But if you do, you’ll become even better!

Here’s the video again, should you want to play along with it.

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Week 11 – Step 4

It’s time to look at the remaining parts for ‘Time Of Your Life’.

Good news is that it’s only a few bars left to learn!

Below is the pattern for the Chorus section in TAB. As you can see, it’s the same pattern as the verse, just different chords.
Beginner Course Week 11 Simple Time Of Your Life chorus
When you can play this, try the whole song out, here are the chords for the full song:


| I | IVadd9 V | x2   or   | G | Cadd9 D | x2


| I | IVadd9 V | x2   or   | G | Cadd9 D | x2
| VI V | IV I | x2   or   | Em D | C G | x2


| VI I | VI I | VI V |   or   | Em G | Em G | Em D |
| I | IVadd9 V | x2   or   | G | Cadd9 D | x2

And here’s the video, if you can play at the same pace you can play along with the entire video now.


Today you continued to practice the new Sweeping Chromatic Exercise.

You also learned the Chorus picking pattern and the full chord progression for ‘Time Of Your Life’.

Next week we start working on a second guitar part for ‘Time Of Your Life’.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)