Beginner Guitar Course Week 12

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A New Sweeping Exercise + Second guitar part for Time Of Your Life!

Today we move on to the next Sweeping Exercise. Just like when we developed the first Chromatic Exercise we now change to 16th notes.

We also look at a second guitar part for ‘Time Of Your Life’. Yet again we simply add a capo and play as if we are in a different key.

This will make the two parts blend better than if we play in the same register.

Week 12 – Step 1 – 10-20 min

Just like when you learned your first two chromatic exercises, we simply double the pace today when we play the Sweeping Exercise.

If you got last weeks exercise up to 120 BPM, then it should be easy to play today’s exercise at 60 BPM.

Check the video to see how it’s exactly the same as last week, just twice the pace.

How far can you push the BPM of this exercise?

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Week 12 – Step 2 – 10-20 min

The time has come to create a second guitar part for ‘Time Of Your Life’.

The easiest way to do this is to use the same pattern but change the chord shape and register.

Let’s put the capo on fret 7 and play Time Of Your Life’ as if in the key of C.

Here’s the progression for the whole song again, now written in both the keys of G and C.

snurra02Intro Roman: | I | IVadd9 V |

Key of G: | G | Cadd9 D |
Key of C: | C | Fadd9 G |

Verse Roman: | I | IVadd9 V |

Key of G: | G | Cadd9 D |
Key of C: | C | Fadd9 G |

Roman: | VI V | IV I |

Key of G: | Em D | C G |
Key of C: | Am G | F C |

SWSChorus Roman: | VI I | VI I | VI V |

Key of G: | Em G | Em G | Em D |
Key of C: | Am C | Am C | Am G |

Roman: | I | IVadd9 V |

Key of G: | G | Cadd9 D |
Key of C: | C | Fadd9 G |

Here’s the TAB for the two progressions in the key of C:
Beginner Course Week 11 step 4 Time Of Your Life 2nd gtr
As you can see, the patterns aren’t perfectly repeated, some variations have been put in place.

In the first bar, the C is played using string 5, 4 and 2, 3, 4. Second half of the bar it moves up and use 5, 4 and 1, 2, 3. This works especially well when blended with the original part.

In the chorus the same idea is repeated, now over an Am. First two bars, play the middle strings, last bar, move the pattern up before you hit the G chord.

This gives the pattern some extra depth.

Practice the individual parts on their own, slowly at first.

This entire second guitar part works great with fingers, which, if the first part is played with a pick would work especially well.


Today you’ve played the Sweeping Exercise using 16th notes.

This will take you a few days to get the tempo up. You know what it takes now, regular practice and increase that BPM nice and slowly and you’ll get there.

We also learned to play ‘Time of Your Life’ using a capo at fret 7 and played as if in the key of C.

By using our fingers and a different register of the neck we create a second guitar part that will sit nicely with the first one, rather than collide with it.

In three days time you’ll get another variation to the sweeping exercise and we take a final look at ‘Time Of Your Life’.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)