Beginner Guitar Course Week 12 Step 3 and 4

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A new Sweeping Exercise + The Complete ‘Time Of Your Life!

Today we try a triplet rhythm when playing our Sweeping Exercise.

We also get a chart to complete for ‘Time Of Your Life’ as this is the last time we study this song.

Week 12 – Step 3 – 10-20 min

Just like with the Chromatic Exercise, we can fit a triplet rhythm to the Sweeping Exercise.

And just like before, the down beat will now start corresponding with different fingers.

As you can see in the TAB, it takes 2 bars before the exercise evens itself out.
Beginner Guitar Coutrse Week 12 Step 3 triplet sweep
Check the video and ensure that your right hand is picking like I do. Build the BPM slowly.

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Week 12 – Step 4 – 20 min

Today we finish off our study of ‘Time Of Your Life’.

I’m gonna give you a half written TAB chart for this, your mission is to print it and fill in all the notes for the picking pattern.

When this is done, play the song on your own using the lyric sheet.

Also, play along with the video. Here’s the TAB chart: Time Of Your Life.

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Today we fitted a triplet pattern to our Sweeping Exercise. We also completed a half empty TAB chart.

Finally you played along with the video lesson.

If it went really well, why not record yourself. Video respond to my video and I’ll give you some feedback.

Next week we start working on a new song.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)