Beginner Guitar Course Week 13

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16th note Strumming Patterns + Basic Wonderwall chords!

Today we look at a bunch of 16th note strumming patterns as well as start learning a new song.

16th note strumming is something you will do a lot of when playing guitar so learning how to read and play them well is imperative.

We do have to venture into Intermediate Guitar to find these, here I play them over an E9 chord so you will have to learn this chord to play the exercises.

Week 13 – Step 1 – 20 min

The videos are self explanatory, just listen, look at notation and imitate.You will need to pause the video, play as notation say, listen again.

When you are absolutely sure you fully understand the pattern and can play it; play along with video.

You have to use the correct up and down strokes you see in the videos.


Let’s look at how to play the E9 chord.

An E9 chord, often referred to as “the James Brown chord” is a funky sounding chord that all guitar players must learn.

To fret it can be executed in two ways. This is what the chord looks like on the fret board:
Play this using your middle finger on string 5, index on string 4.

For string 3 and 2; either use your remaining two fingers or you can barre it using your ring finger only. Try both ways and choose whatever is most comfortable for you.

Here are the 16th note exercises exercises:

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Week 13 – Step 2 – 10-20 min

Let’s start learning a new song in Oasis ‘Wonderwall’.

This song use several extensions which is what makes the sound. We will look at these extensions in a few days time to get the sound right.

Today we just play the progression as if there were no extensions. This will enable you to more clearly hear the difference once we add them.

This is the progression, without extensions in the key of G:


| VI I | V II | x3   or   | Em G | D Am | x3
| IV V | II |   or | C D | Am |
| VI I | V II |   or   | Em G | D Am |


| IV V | VI | x2   or   | C D | Em | x2

| IV V | I V/VII VI VI/V | II | II |   or   | C D | G D/F# Em Em/D | Am | Am |


| IV VI | I VI | x2 I IV VI |2/4 I |   or   | C Em | G Em | x2 I C Em |2/4 G |


| VI |   or   | Em |

Play along with the lyric sheet, as the extensions are so important for the sound of this song, it will sound a bit odd!

You also need to add a capo on fret 2 to be in the right key.

Here’s the video for reference. The chords in the video have been extended, we’ll talk more about that in a few days time.

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Today we started practicing 16th note rhythms using an E9 chord.

We also learned a basic version of the progression for Wonderwall.

All extensions were missing, we will add them in three days time, see you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)