Beginner Guitar Course Week 13 Step 3 and 4

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Wonderwall Chord Extensions + Strumming Patterns

Today we extend the chords of ‘Wonderwall’ to what you’d hear on the record and in the video lesson.

We also look at the various strumming patterns for the song.

Let’s get right to it!

Week 13 – Step 3 – 10-20 min

Let’s look at all the chord extensions found in ‘Wonderwall’.

First of all, the song has to be played using open position chords and a capo on fret 2. This means that what you hear is in the key of A, but you think in the key of G.

Therefore I am writing this as if in G as this is what you’ll be thinking.

VIm7 – Em7

The VI chord has been turned into an Em7. This is an extension that doesn’t break any harmonic rules.

Vsus4 – Dsus4

The V chord has been manipulated by swapping the third of the chord for a 4th. This means the chord is no longer major or minor, it is suspended.

II7sus4 – A7sus4

The II chord get a similar treatment to the V chord with a sus4. We also add a b7 and get a 7sus4 chord.

This means the chord is neither major or minor, we also haven’t gone outside the key here, even though the sound of this chord is very far away from the Am it would be without any changes.

You could apply this trick to any minor chord without breaking any harmonic rules.

V/VII – D/F#

This is a V chord that has its third in the bass.

VI/V – Em/D

This is a VI chord that has its b7 in the bass.

By moving: I – V/VII – VI – VI/V we get a descending bass line moving: G – F# – E – D.

This is the entire chord progression with all extensions:


| VIm7 I | Vsus4 II7sus4 | x3   or   | Em7 G | Dsus4 A7sus4 | x3
| IV Vsus4 | II7sus4 |   or   | C Dsus4 | A7sus4 |
| VIm7 I | Vsus4 II7sus4 |   or   | Em7 G | Dsus4 A7sus4 |


| IV Vsus4 | VI | x2   or  | C Dsus4 | Em | x2

| IV V | I V/VII VI VI/V | II7sus4 | II7sus4 |   or   | C D | G D/F# Em Em/D | A7sus4 | A7sus4 |


| IV VI | I VI | x2 IV VI |2/4 I |   or   | C Em | G Em | x2 C Em |2/4 G |


| VI |   or   | Em |

Apply a capo to fret 2 and play along with the video.

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Week 13 Step 4 – 10-20 min

Let’s take a look at the exact strumming patterns used in ‘Wonderwall’.

Ensure you use the correct up and down strokes through out.

The only way to achieve this is to never interrupt the pendulum movement.

Here’s the rhythm used for the Intro/Verse and the Bridge.

Beginner Guitar Course Week 13 step 4

As you can see, the bridge use the the same rhythm as the verse do in bar one twice.

Same goes for the chorus, it’s the same pattern repeated.

Beginner Guitar Course Week 13 step 4 chorus

In the video I vary the strumming pattern a little bit. This is done unconsciously, in hindsight I should have been more repetitive…

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Today we learned the full chord progression with extensions for ‘Wonderwall’.

We also looked at the strumming patterns used and found out how the same idea is used in order to create a repetitive part.

Finally I admitted that I didn’t play as repetitive as I would have liked. Learn from my mistake and play this song using exactly the same pattern throughout.

Next week we practice more 16th note patterns and get a chart for ‘Wonderwall’.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)