Beginner Guitar Course Week 14

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More 16th note patterns + Wonderwall Chart!

Today we practice more 16th note patterns. These are great exercises for your right hand pendulum technique and also great reading exercises.

All you have to do in order to read them is to pair the rhythms with the correct up and down strokes.

We also get a chart for ‘Wonderwall’ as this is the last time we practice this song, let’s get right to it.

Week 14 – Step 1 – 10-20 Min

Let’s practice some more strumming patterns. It’s the same concept as last week.

Listen to the example, learn the pattern, bring it up to speed and play a long with the videos.

Here are the exercises:

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Week 14 – Step 2 – 10-20 Min

Today you get a chart for ‘Wonderwall’. The chart only has the first two bars filled in with rhythm slashes as this pattern is what is mainly used.

Two more bars have some rhythm slashes to indicate when something important happens.

After the first chorus, a 2/4 bar has 16th notes throughout. The end is a big Em chord that ends on beat 1.

When you write a chart for a song, the most vital ingredient is simplicity. This is why only the first couple of bars, the break and the ending has been notated.

Here’s the chart: Wonderwall chart

Print the chart and keep an eye on it as you play along with the video.

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Today you practiced a bunch of new 16th note patterns.

Yet again you were reminded that 16th note patterns can be understood by pairing the rhythm with the correct up and down strokes.

You also got a chart for ‘Wonderwall’ and realised that simplicity is key to a good chart.

In three days time you will receive a follow up lesson where we revise our new strumming exercises. We will also revisit the Chromatic Exercise, see you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)