Beginner Guitar Course Week 14 Step 3 and 4

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Revise the Sweeping Chromatic Exercise + 16th note rhythms!

Today we revise both the Sweeping Chromatic Exercise and the 16th note patterns we’ve been working on lately.

These kind of exercises could be done as part of your daily warm up.

Not only will it warm up your hands and arms, it will also improve your accuracy and co-ordination.

Create your own 10 min warm up and execute it every time before you play your guitar. If you keep changing the examples, and keep track of your BPM, you will soon see great improvements.

By warming up you also avoid straining yourself.

Week 14 – Step 3 – 20 min

Let’s go back to the Sweeping Chromatic Exercise and see how far the BPM can be pushed.

Use a metronome, increase by 4 BPM every time you take a break. I recommend 20 sec – 1 min of playing the loop before you take a break.

Here are the videos should you want to play along or check any technical details:

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Week 14 – Step 4 – 20 mIn

Let’s apply the same approach to all 16th note patterns you have practiced so far.

How far can the BPM be pushed? Use a metronome, increase by 4 BPM every time you take a break.

Remember, it’s all about getting the right hand to act as a pendulum, rhythms are simply a combination of up and down strokes, focus on these.

Here are the first 5 exercises.

And here are the last 5 exercises.

Ensure you keep track of each exercise’ BPM.

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Today you revised the Sweeping Chromatic Exercise as well as practiced the 16th note rhythms to a click.

By pushing the BPM of a rhythmical exercise we get even better at reading and playing rhythms.

If you could build a warm up routine that had both a chromatic exercise and a rhythmical exercise you would seriously improve your accuracy as well as avoiding straining yourself.

Next week we look at a new song, see you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)