Beginner Guitar Course Week 15 Step 3 and 4

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Last lessons of Rewind and playing with a pick!

This is the last time we play ‘Rewind’ and actually the last week we play with a pick.

From now on all lessons until the end of the course will be on finger style guitar.

But before we get to that it’s time to finish off our study of ‘Rewind’ by looking at a chart containing some pretty complicated strumming patterns.

Practicing those strumming exercises we did over the last few weeks will now really pay off.

In fact, they’re so hard that we first need to double check them first before we tackle ‘Rewind’.

Let’s get right to it.

Week 15 – Step 3 – 10-20 min

Ok, let’s challenge ourselves to some 16th note reading exercises!

  1. Pick a video in the play list below.
  2. Look at the pattern and work out how to play it without playing the video
  3. Double check that the up ad down strokes are correct
  4. Press play video and play along.

Pick another video and repeat the process. Here are the first 5 videos:

Here are the next 5 videos

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Week 15 – Step 4 – 10-20 min

Let’s look at a chart for ‘Rewind’ and iron out all those different strumming patterns and details you see in the video lesson.

Here’s the chart, print it: Rewind

As you can see the strumming pattern for the Intro/Verse is the same we learned a few days ago.

The Pre Chorus use the same first 3 beats in bar 5-7. The last beat is varied which creates a call and response pattern between the different bars.

The Chorus use the same pattern the Pre Chorus had in bar 5-6.

The M8 looks well complicated. It was improvised when I played it so I had to transcribe it to see what I did.

On the sheet that you printed, write out what the up and down strokes are and aim to nail the part exactly like I did.

This is a great reading exercise. Use the video to play along with for extra help.

Beginner white


Today we again revised the 16th note strumming patterns. This was probably a good idea as the M8 section for ‘Rewind’ is not easy to read!

You added the correct up and down strokes to the chart and practiced all patterns individually.

Next week we don’t play with a pick anymore. Week 16-18 will be all finger style.

See you next week!

Dan (your guitar guru)