Beginner Guitar Course Week 15

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Rewind Chords + Strumming Pattern!

Today we start working on a new song as we learn ‘Rewind’ by Paolo Nutini.

This song use a 16th note strumming pattern at a slow tempo.

Chord III has been modified into a major chord to create some tension in the Pre Chorus and M8.

Let’s start working on the details.

Week 15 – Step 1 – 10-20 min

The various chord progressions for ‘Rewind’ are:


Roman Numerals: | I Iadd9 | I Iadd9 | IV IVadd9 | IV IVadd9 | x4
Key of C: | C Cadd9 | C Cadd9 | F Fadd9 | F Fadd9 | x4

Pre Chorus

Roman Numerals: | IIIx | II | x2
Key of C: | E | Dm | x2


Roman Numerals: | I | V | VI | IV | x2
Key of C: | C | G | Am | F | x2


Roman Numerals: | II | IIIx | VI VI/V | VI/IV VI/III |
Key of C: | Dm | E | Am Am/G | Am/F Am/E |

Roman Numerals:| II | IIIx | V | V |
Key of C: | Dm | E | G | G |

The Intro use an add9 over both chord I and IV to add some flavor to a very basic movement.

The Pre Chorus use the very common IIIx variation. From IIIx, the most obvious movement would have been to go to chord VI.

Instead Paolo goes between IIIx and II. This creates tension which is a good thing when in a Pre Chorus section.

The Chorus/Outro use the progression: I – V – VI – IV. This is a classic chord progression that has been used on thousands of hits, for example Jason Mraz ‘I’m Yours’.

The M8 start off like a reversed Pre Chorus with II – IIIx. This is followed by a descending bass line over chord VI.

If we think of this song as in the key of C (capo on fret 2 so it looks like C, sounds like D) then the movement is Am – Am/G – Am/F Am/E.

Finally we move II – IIIx again and finish off with a very drawn out V chord.

Using the chord progression above, play along with the video. Don’t worry about the strumming pattern yet, just ensure you can fret all chords.

Here’s the video:

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Week 15 – Step 2 – 10-20 min

To play this song using the same strumming pattern I do, learn it by breaking up the bar. Play the first beat, hold the last chord.

When you got this down, add the second beat, let the last strum ring out.

Over beat 3 and 4 you get a series of three consecutive upstrokes. It’s not easy to do this softly, laid back and accurately, but practice makes perfect!

Here’s the build up in notation:
Rewind lesson Capo fret II
Hammer on vs Strumming

Over the first beat the chord moves from add9 to a normal major.

This is played using a hammer on, but you could strum it instead. See notation below.

The hammer on (string 4) allows us to include the syncopated 16th without strumming it. To play this with a hammer on is more subtle and therefore gives us a lazier feel.

Tiny little details like this is what makes a chord progression flow better.

When you perfected the strumming pattern, play along with the video again.
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Today you learned the chord progression and main strumming pattern for ‘Rewind’.

In three days time we will look at the remaining strumming patterns as we get a chart for the song.

These patterns are so complicated that we will have to revise the 16th note rhythms as well.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)