Beginner Guitar Course Week 16 Step 3 and 4

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Complete Beginner Guitar Song + Another Etude!

Today we continue working on the ‘Beginner Guitar Song’. As well as this we also look at another Etude.

Remember, it is always best to practice using a metronome, playing the examples at different tempos.

This will fine tune your accuracy and make you aware of little details in your timing and technique.

Week 16 – Step 3 – 10-20 min

Let’s revisit the ‘Beginner Guitar Song’ and learn the last two variations.

Here’s the TAB for the original part and the first variation again:

Beginner Guitar Song TAB, part 1 – Basic idea

Beginner Guitar Song fig 1

Beginner Guitar Song TAB, part 2 – Bass variation

Beginner Guitar Song TAB, part 2
And here’s two more variations you can hear in the video:

Beginner Guitar Song TAB, part 3 – Bass variation 2

Beginner Guitar Song TAB, part 3

Beginner Guitar Song TAB, part 4 – Chord variation 1

Beginner Guitar Song p4

And here’s the video again, which finger style technique do you find easiest, classical or folk?

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Week 16 – Step 4 – 10-20 min

A few days ago you learned the and Etude or a “practice song” which help you with your finger style technique.

Let’s learn another one, it’s the same progression, only a bass line has been added.

Here’s an audio recording of Etude #2: 2. Etude 2

And here’s the TAB chart:

Etude #2
Worth noting here is how the bass line is added:

Chords starting on string 5 use the bass note on string 6, just above it. This is the 5th of the chord so it will always work. Check C, Am and B7.

Chords starting on string 6 find either the 5th on string 5 (Em) or the 3rd on string 5 (G).

Chords starting on string 4 find their alternative bass note on string 5. This is a the 5th of the chord so it will always work. Check D, Dm, Dm7 and F.

Beginner Guru



Today you learned all variations for my ‘Beginner Guitar Song’.

Keep moving between these in an improvised manner for maximum learning.

If you enter a meditative stage where you add different variations of the bass line without thinking, then this is the ultimate goal.

Next week we learn the last song in this beginner course as we play ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Bill Withers, finger style!

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)