Beginner Guitar Course Week 18

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Revise Finger Style Songs + Chromatic Exercises!

This is the last week of Spy Tunes Beginner Guitar Course.

We revise the finger style songs, including 2nd guitar parts of previous songs that could be played using just our fingers.

We also check the BPM of the Chromatic and the Sweeping Exercise.

If you have practiced these every time you picked up a guitar over the last 18 weeks you should have made some serious progress.

Lets get right to it!

Week 18 – Step 1 – 20-30 min

The two finger style songs we learned where ‘Beginner Guitar Song’ and ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’.

You could also play all these using a finger style technique:

  1. ‘Talking About A Revolution’, picked part with Capo
  2. ‘Robin Hood’ could be played using your fingers
  3. ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’, the 2nd guitar part, especially the Chorus
  4. ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’, the 2nd guitar part can be played finger style
  5. ‘Time Of Your Life’ could be picked using you fingers

Pick 3 of these 7 examples to revise today:

Here’s the ‘Talking About A Revolution‘ part:
Talking About Guitar Lesson 2 Pattern
And here’s the video to play along with: Talking About A Revolution chords.

Here’s the ‘Robin Hood‘ part: Beginner Guitar Course week 5 part 4 Robin Hood 2nd gtr part
And here’s the video to play along with: Robin Hood chords.

Here’s the ‘One More Cup Of Coffee‘ part (mainly chorus for finger style):Beginner Course Week 8 One More Cup of second gtr part

And here’s the video to play along with: One More Cup Of Coffee chords.

Here’s ‘The Drugs Don’t Work‘s verse part:
Drugs Don't Work verse idea 1
And here’s the ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ M8 part:
Drugs Don't Work M8 idea 1
And here’s the video to play along with:The Drugs Don’t Work chords.

Here’s the ‘Time Of Your Life‘ verse part:
Time Of Your Life Beginner lesson 11
Or you could play it like this using a capo at fret 7:
Beginner Course Week 11 step 4 Time Of Your Life 2nd gtr
And here’s the video to play along with:Time Of Your Life chords.

Here’s the 4 ‘Beginner Guitar Song‘s parts: Beginner Guitar Song fig 1 Beginner Guitar Song TAB, part 2 Beginner Guitar Song TAB, part 3 Beginner Guitar Song p4
And here’s the video to play along with:Beginner Guitar Song.

Here’s a few ‘Ain’t No Sunshine‘ verse ideas:
Ain't No Sunshine 2nd gtr Verse ideas
And here’s the video to play along with: Ain’t No Sunshine chords.
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Week 18 – Step 2 – 10-30 min

Let’s go back and check those Sweeping and Chromatic Exercises again.

We also modified the Chromatic Exercise and played in a smaller area of the neck.

Finally we paired the strings up and played the pattern using only two strings.

Pick 4 of these 8 exercise, revise them and check your BPM.

  1. Chromatic Exercise 1 – 8th notes
  2. Chromatic Exercise 2 – 16th notes
  3. Chromatic Exercise 3 – Triplets
  4. Chromatic Sweeping Exercise 4 – 8th notes
  5. Chromatic Sweeping Exercise 5 – 16th notes
  6. Chromatic Sweeping Exercise 6 – Triplets
  7. Modified Chromatic Exercise – 4 Frets
  8. Modified Chromatic Exercise – String pairs

Here’s the TAB for the modified versions using triplets between fret 5-10.
Beginner Course Week 7 Step 4 Chromatic Loop
And here’s the TAB for one of the string pair loop ideas:
Beginner Course Week 8 Chromatic loop string pairs string 4 and 3
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Today you revised all possible finger style guitar parts. 7 different songs could be played using a finger style technique.

7 songs and 8 exercises is too much to go over in one sitting. Pick 3-4 of each and practice them today.

Come back tomorrow and practice the other 3-4 exercises.

In three days time you will get the final revision lesson. We then look at strumming patterns and songs you’ve played with a pick in this course.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)