Beginner Guitar Course Week 2

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The Chromatic Exercise and how to pick Talking About A Revolution!

It’s week two and time to crack on with the chromatic exercise.

This is a great exercise for warming up. You will improve your left hands finger dexterity as well as your right hands picking technique.

Simply set the metronome to a low BPM, like 50-60 BPM. If you don’t have a metronome, use this: Metronome Online.

Step 1 – Chromatic Exercise – 10-20 min

You don’t have to play all the way up the neck, you could stop around fret 5, increase with 4 BPM and then carry on.

Here’s the exercise in a video, can you play along with it?

Spend no more than 20 minutes at this step.
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Step 2 – Picking Talking About A Revolution 10-20 min

Last week we strummed the chords to ‘Talking About A Revolution’, this week it’s time to pick the chords instead.

To find out if you should pick using an up or down stroke, study the video below. I start picking at 0:50.

You can use the pattern I’ve written out for you below over the whole song if you play along with the video. This would give you a second guitar part.

Start by playing the pattern slowly, when it is memorised, gradually bring up the tempo.

Here’s the TAB.

Talking beginner picking pattern week 2 2016 amend

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Today we continued playing the Chromatic Exercise as well as looked at how to pick the chords of ‘Talking About A Revolution’.

If you have more time to practice over the next few days, simply take this lesson again.

In three days time you will receive step 3 and 4 for this weeks lesson. We will then play the whole song using both strumming and picking.

You might have noticed how there are still a few small details in this song we haven’t covered yet, don’t worry, we will look at them in the next session.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)