Beginner Guitar Course Week 2 Step 3 and 4

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Three ways to play Talking About A Revolution!

In the last three sessions we’ve looked at playing ‘Talking About A Revolution’, but it’s been a simplified version.

So far you’ve learned how to strum and pick G, Cadd9, Em and D. However, in the video you might have notice how I play a different note over the D chord.

Let’s first look at this little detail before we tie it all together and play the full song.

Week 2 – Step 3 – 10-20 min

Over the D chord I want you to now try adding another note towards the end of the bar.

On the first up strum when you play the D, miss out the top string. On the next two strokes, play the full D with your ring finger on string one, fret two.

Finally, for the last strum, add your little finger on string one, fret three. This creates a Dsus4 chord which ties us nicely back to the G chord.

Here’s the TAB.

Talking About A Revolution Guitar Course week 2 step 3

Playing along with video strumming, just like I do, aim to fit in the Dsus4 at the end.

Here’s the video.

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Week 2 – step 4 – 20 min

Before you try playing the entire song on your own I want to throw one more option in there, to add a capo and play a second, picked guitar part, throughout.

I want you to play this using a pick still so you can easily move between strumming and picking. But why not try it finger style as well?

As you do this with a capo on fret 7 you will learn a few more chords, don’t worry too much about them, just place your fingers as the TAB describes.

Here’s the TAB

Talking About Guitar Lesson 2 Pattern

By placing a Capo on fret 7 you play the chords C, Fadd9, Am and G. But what you hear is still G, Cadd9, Em and D.

By moving up the neck like this you get a different texture to the part which will sound better along with the first part.

Spend some time on this, playing along with the original video above. Keep the part picked throughout.

You will learn more about playing with a capo as you progress through this beginner course.
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Using all you’ve learned in the last few weeks you can now try to:

  1. Play along with the video, picking when I strum, strum when I pick
  2. Play a second, picked guitar part using a capo at fret 7
  3. Play the song on your own, moving between picking and strumming

If you need to practice all this some more, simply retake these lessons over the next few days.

In four days time we will be in week three and it’ll be time to start working on a new song.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)