Beginner Guitar Course Week 3 Step 3 and 4

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Chromatic Exercise 2 + Redemption Song’s chords!

In this follow up session we are going to look at a new Chromatic Exercise as well as learn the full progression for ‘Redemption Song’.

As you learn the chords, be sure to listen to them as numbers. Ask yourself, what does it feel like when I play chord VI? What does it feel like when I play chord IV and so on.

It is important that you find your own explanation of each chord, but to help you along, here’s how I look at them:

Chord I = Home
Chord II = Somewhere new, striving, minor sound
Chord III = Temperamental
Chord IV = Somewhere new, striving, major sound
Chord V = Striving, major, want to go to chord I
Chord VI = Sad
Chord VII = Weird

Week 3 – Step 3 – 10-20 min

The full chord progression for ‘Redemption Song’ is:

Verse 1

| I | VI | IV I/III | II | x3   or   | G | Em | C G/B | Am | x3
| I | VI | IV | V | V |   or   | G | Em | C | D | D |


| I | IV V | x2   or   | G | C D | x2
| VI | IV V |   or   | Em | C D |
| I | IV V | x2   or   | G | C D | x2

Verse 2 and 3

| I | VI | IV I/III | II |                or   | G | Em | C G/B | Am |
| I | VI | IV I/III | V | (repeat all)   | G | Em | C G/B | D | (repeat all)
| V |   or   | D |

Guitar break

| VI | IV V | x4   or   | Em | C D | x4


| VI | IV V | x2   or   | Em | C D |
I I | IV V |   or   I G | C D |
| I | IV I/III | II | II | II6 | II6 |   or   | G | C G/B | Am | Am | Am6 | Am6 |

In this progression there is yet another new chord, it’s the last one, the Am6.

To add a 6 to a chord is like adding a 9th or a sus4, it’s a variation that when put in the right place can make a progression come alive. Bob Marley choose to introduce it right at the end, very clever.

It’s as if this chord underlines everything he has said in the song. Like a signature, it puts an end to it.

To play it, all you have to do is add your little finger on string one, fret 2. In TAB it looks like this:

Guitar Course Week 3 Am6

When you play the progression to ‘Redemption Song’ using the chords above you need to sing along and aim to feel the sound of each chord.

Look at how each chord relates to the lyrics, how it builds for each section and how it supports the melody.

Use the lyric sheet and aim to get through the whole song. It doesn’t matter if you sing in tune or not, just do it.

When you feel comfortable, have a play along with the video.

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Week 3 – Step 4 – 10-20 min

The time has come to move away from the first Chromatic Exercise. If you have pushed the BPM this will be easy. Especially if you have gone past 100 BPM.

What happens in Chromatic Exercise 2 is that we now play the same thing, just twice as fast.

The first exercise was in 8th notes, which means 8 notes in a bar. In Chromatic Exercise 2 we play using 16th notes, which means 16 notes in a bar.

This means that if you can play the first exercise at 100 BPM, you can play this exercise at 50 BPM. If you can play the first exercise at 120 BPM, you can play this one at 60 BPM and so on.

In this video I play the exercise at 90 BPM. That is most likely too fast for you at this stage.

So how do you get to 90 BPM when playing the Chromatic Exercise using 16th notes?

By building it up!

You start slowly, you increase with just 4 BPM at a time.

If 50 BPM is too fast for you, simply go back to exercise 1 and push that until you can play it at 100, then go back to 50, now play 16th notes.

Here’s your free online metronome and here’s the video:

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Today you have learned the full progression for ‘Redemption Song’, this included a new chord, the Am6.

You’ve been encouraged to think of chords as numbers rather than names as this is the most important development any musician can make.

You have also learned the importance of pushing the BPM when practicing the Chromatic Exercise.

If you feel like you need to practice some more before the next lesson arrives, simply repeat this lesson again tomorrow.

Next week we will learn the Intro and how to mute the Em chord in the Guitar break section of ‘Redemption Song’.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)