Beginner Guitar Course Week 6

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A new Chromatic Exercise + Robin Hood with a capo!

This week we will work on a new Chromatic Exercise as well as develop another second guitar part for ‘Robin Hood’.

This time we put a capo at fret 7 and play as if in the key of C.

By adding a capo we automatically create a higher sounding second part. This makes it blend better with the original, lower open chords strummed part.

Together these two parts create a much fuller sound.

Week 6 – Step 1 – 10-20 min

Today we start working on triplets when playing the Chromatic Exercise.

The first thing you’ll notice is how it feels different in your left hand. This is because the weight of a note on the beat will always shine through. A triplet contain three notes, but the pattern is four notes for your left hand before you change string.

This means that the beat will constantly shift finger as you play up and down the neck.

It may help you to say the word: Pi-de-li as you play each triplet.

When playing 16ths notes, the beat will correspond with your index finger. For triplets the beat will correspond with your index, little, ring and middle finger.

Here’s what the difference looks like in TAB.
Guitar Course Week 6 16ths vs triplets
First play this exercise on your own, just aim to get the triplet feel right.

In terms of BPM, this exercise should sit somewhere in between your 8th note and 16th note pattern.

If you can play 8th notes at 120 BPM, 16th notes at 60 BPM, then the triplet exercise should be OK around 90 BPM.

Here’s the video lesson.

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Week 6 – Step 2 – 10-20 min

When you add a capo to the guitar neck you change key.

If you take the pattern you played last week and place a capo at fret 2, you wouldn’t play in G major any more, you’d play in A major.

If you add a capo at fret 5 you would play in the key of C.

Today we change key of Robin Hood to the key of C, but place the capo on fret 7, this makes the key that you hear G. This means that you can still play along with the video.

Confused? Below is the TAB for your new second guitar part. Play this using only fingers as well as with a pick. Don’t forget to put the capo on fret 7!

When you got the hang of it, play along with the original video.
Beginner Course Week 6 Robn Hood 2nd with Capo

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Today you practiced the Chromatic Exercise using just triplets. This changed the way the beat corresponded with your left hand.

Following this you learned yet another second guitar part for ‘Robin Hood’.

First we changed key to C, then placed a capo on fret 7 to get back to the key of G again.

This way of creating second guitar parts enhance and blend much better when paying with a friend compared with if you just strum the same thing.

In three days time you will get your final opportunity to look at ‘Robin Hood’. We will also revisit all chromatic exercises that we covered so far.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)