Beginner Guitar Course Week 7 Step 3 and 4

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One More Cup Of Chord variations + A Chromatic Loop!

Today we look at a bunch of chord variations I use in the arrangement for ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’.

These are not necessarily what you’d hear on the original recording but put in place to make the arrangement carry on just one guitar.

As well as this we revisit a Chromatic Exercise, this time we turn it into a loop.

Let’s get right to it.

Week 7 – Step 3 – 10-20 min

The chord progression VI – V – IV – IIIx is a classic. The IIIx is in the key of Am an E. By turning it into an E, rather than keeping it as an Em we get a stronger pull towards the Am chord.

It is very common to change the III chord into major when playing a song in minor (chord VI as home)

What happens is that the 3rd of the E chord is now a G#, this is only a semitone away from the note A. The pull towards A becomes stronger.

The next most common thing to do is to turn that E into an E7, now we have a the note D thrown into the mix as well. The note D sits right between the Am chords C an E, so even more tension.

In the bar 4 and 5 of the TAB you can see two ways to fret an E7 chord.
Beginner Course Week 7 part 3 One More Cup chord variations
The E and E7 are the two most important variations added to this song.

The Am has also been decorated with a 7, making it an Am7 to add some variation. Any minor chord can be extended like this to add some flavor.

The G chord has lost a note and this is very common, to play the third (the note B) on the 5h string is usually not a good idea. On the second string the note is played anyway and stands out better.

The F, we spoke about this to great lengths a few days ago. In bar five you find a nice little variation here as an Fadd9. This is a unique chord shape which can’t be moved around or played in any other way.

Speaking of unique chords, the Amadd9, played as in the TAB is a fantastic sounding chord, certainly not found on the original recording, but man it sounds so good I just had to put it in!

Using these new chords, spice up your arrangement of ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’. As you play along with the video, you don’t necessarily have to put them in where I do.

Get creative and build your own dynamics in this arrangement. Personally I prefer to play it differently every time.

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Week 7 – Step 4 – 10-20 min

Let’s go back to Chromatic Exercise 3 and see how those triplets are coming along.

You don’t have to play this exercise starting at fret 1, and you should probably go down as well.

Let’s create a little loop of this exercise that could go on forever.

Forever is a pretty long time though, perhaps a good plan is to play it once or twice, stop for 10-30 seconds, increase with 4 BPM then go back on it again.

In 20 minutes, how high can you push the BPM?

Here’s the modified TAB and the video should you want to play along with that.
Beginner Course Week 7 Step 4 Chromatic Loop

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Today we learned a few new chords, these chords offer us some variations when playing ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’.

We also looked at how the chromatic exercise can be looped. This enables us to quickly increase the BPM.

Next week we will look at a second guitar part for ‘One More Cup Of Coffee as well as get some more loop ideas for the Chromatic Exercise.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)