Beginner Guitar Course Week 8

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One More Second Guitar Part + One More Chromatic Loop!

Today we look at a second guitar part for the song we studied last week ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’.

As well as this we explore more ways to loop the Chromatic Exercise.

Las week it was the triplet version, today we are going back to our beloved 16th note pattern.

Week 8 – Step 1 – 20 Min

By turning the Chromatic Exercise in to a loop it is easier to build speed.

Decide on how many times you want to play the loop before you take a break. Make this a 10-30 second break and increase the BPM with 4 clicks.

The loop for today happen over just two strings. We play the 16th note pattern over two strings before we switch up and play it backwards over two strings. Switch up again and do the same thing twice before the pattern start going back down the neck.

Complicated to explain, easy to do, here’s the TAB:
Beginner Course Week 8 Chromatic loop string pairs 2 and 1
This can off course be done on any string pair, here it is again on string 3 and 2:
Beginner Course Week 8 Chromatic loop string pairs string 3 and 2
And here it is on string 4 and 3:
Beginner Course Week 8 Chromatic loop string pairs string 4 and 3
Obviously, you could do this over string 5 and 4 as well as 6 and 5. The lower the strings the harder it will be.

Decide for yourself how you want to practice this concept.

Do you play all string pairs, do you loop two or three times?

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Week 8 – Step 2 – 20 min

Let’s look at alternative part for ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’.

This part could be played along with the video as a second guitar part.

Or, you could use parts of it when you play the song on your own. Here’s the TAB:
Beginner Course Week 8 One More Cup of second gtr part
Now all you have to do is decide on if you should play this using your fingers, or a pick.

Both techniques will work, maybe even try both ways!

When you feel that you got the hang of the part, play along with the video lesson.

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Today you learned how you could group string pairs and play the Chromatic Exercise on a loop.

We also looked at an alternative part for ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’.

In three days time we will continue to modify our Chromatic Exercise as well as finish our study of ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)