Beginner Guitar Course Week 8 Step 3 and 4

Beginner whiteMore Chromatic Loops + Final One More Cup Of Coffee!

Today we continue to twist and turn the Chromatic Exercise as we play through more ways of looping it.

We also take a final look at ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’.

The full arrangement with all variations played in the video will be written out for you in a chart.

Week 8 – Step 3 – 20 min

A few days ago you played the Chromatic Exercise on a loop using string pairs. Todays variation is similar, all we do is skip a string or two.

Here’s the TAB for the first idea:
Beginner Course Week 8 Chromatic loop string pairs step 3 s 1 and 3
As you can see the exercise is identical to last week, all I’ve done is grouped string 3 and 1 together, rather than string 2 and 1.

To skip a string like this could be done using string 2 and 4 as well, here’s the TAB:
Beginner Course Week 8 Chromatic loop string pairs step 3 s 4 and 2
To complete this concept you’d need to group string 5 and 3, as well as 6 and 4 as well. Do this without having any TAB to help you.

Before we move on, let’s look at another concept, to skip two strings. Here’s the TAB:
Beginner Course Week 8 Chromatic loop string pairs step 3 s 4 and 1
To skip two strings could also be done by grouping string 5 and 2 as well as 6 and 3. Try this as well.

Beginner whiteWeek 8 – Step 4 – 20 min

In our final study of ‘One More Cup Of Coffee I’m gonna give you a chart. This will contain all variations I play in the video.

As mentioned before, these where improvised so next time I play it it will most certainly be different.

Saying that, if you find your favorite way, writing a chart like this might be a good idea. It’s definitely a good reading exercise!

Click on the link below to see the full chart. Download and print it. Keep an eye on this chart as you play along with the video.

Download ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’ chart here: One More Cup Of Coffee Spy Tunes Version.

Beginner whiteConclusion

Today we learned yet another way we can manipulate the Chromatic Exercise, by skipping strings.

We also downloaded and printed a chart that describe exactly what chords I play in ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’.

Whenever you learn a song it is a good idea to write a chart for yourself.

During this course you will be encouraged to write charts, by doing this you will build yourself a repertoire and won’t have to rely on muscle memory when recalling a song.

Next week it’s time to revise everything we’ve done over the last two months.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)