Beginner Guitar Course Week 9 Step 3 and 4

Beginner white

Revise Variations for the Chromatic Exercise + 2 Charts!

Our final revision day and we go over all the variations we’ve been applying to the Chromatic Exercise.

We also get charts for the last two songs, ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’.

Let’s get right to it!

Week 9 – Step 3 – 20 min

Play through all these variations, push the BPM a far bit on each.

Here’s Variation 1 – Triplet Loop
Beginner Course Week 7 Step 4 Chromatic Loop
Here’s Variation 2 – 16th notes on string pairs. Apply to at least two string pairs.
Beginner Course Week 8 Chromatic loop string pairs string 3 and 2
And here’s Variation 3 – 16th notes on string pairs with skipped strings. Apply to at least two string pairs.
Beginner Course Week 8 Chromatic loop string pairs step 3 s 1 and 3

Beginner whiteWeek 9 – Step 4 – 20 min

Let’s look at a chart for ‘Robin Hood’ and play along with the video.

First, download this chart and print it: Robin Hood.

This is a TAB chart with only the structure and chords notated.

Fill in the fingering for each chord in the TAB on your printed copy of the chart.

Time Signatures

There are two new time signatures in this song, 2/4 and 6/4. This simply means; count to 2 rather than 4 in bar 20. Count to 6 in bar 27.

In a live situation you simply wait until the singer comes back in, in bar 27. It’s a nice place to drag it out a bit in order to build tension. When we did it, it happened to be 6 beats.

Print the chart, keep one eye on it as you play along with the video.

One More Cup Of Coffee

Here’s the chart for ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’, download and print it: One More Cup Of Coffee.

You already had this so revising should be easy. Here’s the video again:

Beginner white


Today we went through all the variations you’ve applied to the Chromatic Exercises.

We also got two charts for ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’.

That was revision week, next week we crack on with the second half of this course. It’ll then be time to learn a new song.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)