Beginner Guitar Course Week 9

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Revise the Chromatic Exercises + 2 Charts!

Today we start revision week, it’s time to look at everything we’ve learned so far.

First we see if you can play along with the first three Chromatic Exercises at the tempo I do in the video.

Following this we look at ‘Talking About A Revolution’ as well as ‘Redemption Song’ using charts.

I will during this course give you charts written in several different ways. Today we see it in TAB as well as rhythm slashes.

Week 9 – Step 1 – 20 min

Chromatic Exercise 1. You should be able to play along with this video by now.

How much further can you push the BPM?

Chromatic Exercise 2. You might not be able to play along at the tempo of the video yet.

How far can you push the BPM?

Chromatic Exercise 3. This exercise is a little bit tricky.

The index finger will not correspond with the downbeat as it did in Chromatic Exercise 2. Therefore it might be hard to reach high BPM results and maintain a nice triplet feel through out.

How far can you push the BPM?

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Week 9 – Step 2 – 20 min

Let’s go back and play the first two songs.

This time, download and print this TAB chart: Talking About A Revolution.

This is a slightly simplified chart, just indicating the two main parts.

In the video you’ll see how the picked part comes in at the end of the Chorus at 0:50. It continues for a Breakdown Verse as indicated. There is a little bit of strumming over one of the D chords.

Also, towards the end of the Breakdown Verse I start strumming the D chords in order to build towards the following Chorus.

The point here is that this was improvised, next time I might play the picked part more than once.

Because of this the chart has been written in a simple, but clear way, just demonstrating the two parts.

Here’s the video, play along with one eye on the chart.

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Redemption Song

Let’s do the same with ‘Redemption Song’.

Download the chart here: Redemption Song.

This time it is written using TAB and rhythm slashes.

Complete the chart by adding the TAB for each chord and rhythm slashes if needed. I’ve done the first few bars for you.

The S looking sign and the circle with a cross through it are called Segno and Coda.

Play Intro, Verse 1, Chorus 1, continue into Verse 2.

In bar 32 go to Chorus again.

In bar 23, go to M8 (guitar break)

When you repeated the M8 4 times, go to Verse 3 in bar 24.

In bar 32 go to Chorus again.

In bar 21, go to Outro.

Here’s the video:

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Today you’ve revisited the first 3 Chromatic Exercises in their basic form to measure your BPM.

Following this we looked at two charts, the first, ‘Talking About A Revolution’ used a simple TAB notation to indicate the different parts.

The second chart used both TAB and rhythm slashes, you should complete this chart by adding the fingering in the TAB for each chord as well as rhythm slashes where needed.

In three days time we revise all the variations to the Chromatic Exercises as well as get two more charts.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)