The Drugs Don’t Work Chords

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Learn how to play The Drugs Don’t Work on one acoustic guitar!

‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ is a song by Richard Ashcroft’s band The Verve. It has also been covered by American singer-songwriter Ben Harper.

Using very common open position chords it is the order of them, and how some key chords are held back that keeps it interesting.

Our one guitar arrangement of the song only has one difficult chord to fret, the F.

You don’t have to play this as a barre chord, instead fret it as the video lesson demonstrate.

The Drugs Don’t Work chord progression

Here are all the chords for the song:


| C | C | Am | Am | Em | F G | C | C |

Before M8

| C | Em | F G | C | C |


| F | Em | Am | G |

Chorus 4

| Em | F G | C | C |


| C | repeat til end

The Drugs Don’t Work full guitar lesson

You get a full breakdown of how to play ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ in the course, we cover:

  1. The meaning of the chord progression
  2. The strumming pattern
  3. How to pick rather than strum
  4. A 2nd guitar part
  5. A complete Chart

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