One More Cup Of Coffee Chords

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Learn how to play One More Cup Of Coffee on one acoustic guitar!

‘One More Cup Of Coffee’ is a song off Bob Dylan‘s fantastic 1976 album Desire.

The song is in Am but use the chord E instead of Em.

This simple change pulls us back towards Am more and is the most common variation you can make to a chord progression.

The original recording has a large full live band playing, including a violinist.

As we recorded our version, a fellow Youtuber got in touch, recorded a Violin and sent it over!

Back in 1976 they all had to be at the studio, at the same time!

One More Cup Of Coffee chord progression

Using a simple, falling progression, with only one chord modified the Verse goes like this:

| Am | G | F | E |

The Chorus is even simpler as it hones in on that odd E chord.

| F | E | F | E |

Compare by playing an Em instead of an E when you play ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’ and hear the difference that modification made.

You could even go as far as saying that the melody, with it’s small chromatic movements all stem from this chord changing form minor to major.

When you take the course you’ll learn more about chord progressions and song writing.

One More Cup Of Coffee chord extensions

During the arrangement a few different chord shapes and extensions have crept in.

The most obvious change is the Amadd9, an odd sounding chord played around fret 5-7.

By using the top open strings (a B and an E) in combination with the minor third on string three, fret 5 we get a very colourful chord.

The E chord is also turned into an E7 at one point.

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