Redemption Song

Learn how to play Redemption Song on one acoustic guitar!

‘Redemption Song’ is a song by the legend that is Bob Marley. Played on just one guitar it is one of the politically most loaded and widespread songs the world has ever seen.

Perhaps the ultimate campfire song it uses only open position chords from the key of G. This makes ‘Redemption Song’ one of the best songs for a beginner to learn.

In this video lesson you’ll see how to play the song from beginning to end, including the famous intro and all the chords.

Chord progression

These are the chords used in ‘Redemption Song’.

Verse 1

| G | Em | C G/B | Am | x3
| G | Em | C | D | D |


| G | C D | x2
| Em | C D |
| G | C D | x2

Verse 2 and 3

| G | Em | C G/B | Am |
| G | Em | C G/B | D | (repeat all)
| D |

Guitar break

| Em | C D | x4


| Em | C D |
I G | C D |
| G | C G/B | Am | Am | Am6 | Am6 |

Verse 1 and 2 differ slightly, there’s a G/B on the second line for verse 2 (and 3).

The outro is a variation on the chorus chords. The final Am is extended to an Am6.

In this video lesson, you’ll get a close-up on what the strumming hand is doing. In the course, we use this along side TAB to learn every little detail of this song.

Intro and end

As you can see in the video lessons, the intro uses a hammer-on technique. You play the open string, then ‘hammer-on’ the note.

This is a very common technique on the guitar and can be found in many songs. ’Fast Car’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ are only two examples.

There’s an in-depth lesson available on how to play ‘Redemption Song’ in the course, including how to:

  • Play the exact intro using TAB
  • Understand the chord progression
  • Play all strumming patterns
  • Extend to an Am6 chord

Take the beginner course and learn this song to perfection using a complete TAB chart.

As well as learning how to play ‘Redemption Song’, you will also start your journey of understanding the guitar and music.