Robin Hood Chords

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Learn to play Robin Hood on one acoustic guitar!

‘Robin Hood’ is a B side that has become a fan favourite by British Indie band Ocean Colour Scene.

The song use a descending chord progression with only a few extensions and variations.

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Robin Hood chord progression

These are the chords played in ‘Robin Hood’ by Ocean Colour Scene:


| G D/F# | Em D | C | Dsus4 D |


| G D | C D |
| G | D/F# | Em | A | C | Dsus4 | C | D |
| G D/F# | C A | A |


| C | D | x2
| G D/F# | Em A |6/4 A |
| G D/F# | Em D | C | Dsus4 Dsus2 D | G |

D/F# is a D chord with the 3rd of the chord (the F#) in the bass.

As the progression moves from G – D – Em, it makes sense to add the F# to the D as this creates a descending bass line of G – F# – E.

Robin Hood chord extensions and variations

A few chords have been extended, first up we find the Dsus4. Sus4 means suspended 4th, what happens is that we replace the 3rd of the chord (an F#) with the 4th (a G).

Later on, during the Outro we get a sus2. This is the opposite direction of the sus4. Instead of moving up form an F# to a G, we move down to an an E.

Simply play the top string open to create the Dsus2 chord.

One chord in the song is from outside the key of G, it’s the A (chord IIx) which should have been an Am (chord II). This A appear in the Chorus and Outro.

There’s an in depth lesson on the chord progression, strumming pattern and how to build a second guitar part in the Beginner Guitar Course.