Talking About A Revolution Chords

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Learn how to play Talking About A Revolution on one acoustic guitar!

‘Talking About A Revolution’ is a single off Tracy Chapman‘s hugely successful debut album.

In a string of three hits Tracy became world famous before you even turned the debut album over.

Using a super simple looped progression she wrote honest songs that sounded like they should be played on street corners and inspire real change.

In the video lesson I’ve added a breakdown picking pattern just to mix things up a bit.

This is a common trick when arranging for just one guitar, you have to put some dynamics in if you’re all on your own.

Talking About A Revolution chord progression

The chord progression for ‘Talking About A Revolution’ is very simple and has been used thousands of times before and after this release.

In the key of G we play the movement of I – IV – VI – V, translated to the key of of G we get these chords:

| G Cadd9 | Em D Dsus4 |

This progression is played on a loop for the entire song.

An in depth lesson about how to make something so repetitive work is available in the Beginner Guitar Course.

Talking About A Revolution chord extensions

Tracy Chapman use the extensions: add9 and sus4 to spice up the standard progression of G – C – Em – D.

To create an add9 chord we add the interval 9. For a C chord this is the note D. You find it on string two, fret 3.

To create a sus4 chord we replace the third of the chord with a 4th. For a D chord this is the note G that replaced an F#. You find it on string one, fret 3.

There’s an in depth lesson available on Talking About A Revolution in the Beginner Guitar Course covering strumming patterns, picking, dynamics and more!