Wonderwall Chords

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Learn how to play Wonderwall on one acoustic guitar!

‘Wonderwall’ is a single by Oasis from the hugely successful album What’s The Story (Morning Glory?).

The song use only chords from the key, achieving it’s unique sound through extensions and chord shapes that share notes.

Place a capo on fret two and think of it as in the key of G.

Wonderwall chord progression

The Intro/Verse maintain the top strings on fret three throughout, creating a drone like effect.

| Em7 G | Dsus4 A7sus4 | x3
| C Dsus4 | A7sus4 |
| Em7 G | Dsus4 A7sus4 |

The Bridge start on chord IV, making it feel as if it moves somewhere new. like this:

| C Dsus4 | Em | x2
| C D | G D/F# Em Em/D | A7sus4 | A7sus4 |

The Chorus start, just like the Bridge on chord IV, it also contain a 2/4 bar

| C Em | G Em | x2 C Em |2/4 G |

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Wonderwall’s chord extensions!

Many chords have been altered in ‘Wonderwall’, it is necessary to play all these correctly as they are such a big part of the songs sound.

Em7 – this chord is an extension of an Em, one more note has been added, the note D.
Dsus4 – This chord has had its 3rd (F#) replaced by the 4th. This gives the chord a suspended sound.
A7sus4 – this chord is both extended to a dom7 as well as suspended to a sus4 chord.
D/F# – this chord has its 3rd in the bass, this binds the chord progression G – D – Em better as the bass moves down: G – D/F#Em
Em/D – this Em chord has a D in the bass, the note is not part of the Em chord, it’s the 7th.

The Em/D completes the descending bass line: G D/F# Em Em/D.

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