Beginner Chords - Intro

Learn how to play the 10 Open Position Chords!

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E and Em

E and Em Chords

Learn how to play an E and Em!

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A and Am

A and Am Chords

Learn how to play an A and Am!

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D and Dm

D and Dm Chords

Learn how to play an D and Dm!

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G and Gm

G and Gm Chords

Learn how to play an G and Gm!

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C and Cm

C and Cm Chords

Learn how to play an C and Cm!

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Intermediate Chords

Intermediate Chords

Learn how to play barred chords!

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The secret to understanding the Guitar!

Study the 10 open position chords carefully to unlock the secret to the guitars harmonic structure.

As you look at the intervals of these chords you will discover that they are repeated, this is the answer to the question:

How can a chord played over six strings be called a triad?

Get everything you need to fully understand and play all these chords, nine complete songs and more in the Beginner Guitar Course.


Open Position E chord


Open Position Em chord


Open Position A chord


Open Position Am chord


Open Position D chord


Open Position Dm chord


Open Position G chord


Open Position Gm chord


Open Position C chord


Open Position Cm chord