Chromatic Exercises


Chromatic Exercises - Intro

Discover Spy Tunes take on the Chromatic Exercise!

Find the Chromatic Exercises Intro below.

Spyder 1

Chromatic Exercise Spyder 1

Use this as a warm up!

Go to Chromatic Exercise Spyder 1.

Spyder 2

Chromatic Exercise Spyder 2

Measure other Spyders in relation to this!

Go to Chromatic Exercise Spyder 2.

Spyder 3

Chromatic Exercise Spyder 3

Chromatic Exercise played in triplets!

Go to Chromatic Exercise Spyder 3.

Intermediate Spyders

Intermediate Spyders

Sweeping, Speed and Timing exercises!

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Beginner white

Bring the Chromatic Exercise to life!

The concept of the Spyders come from combining the classic Chromatic Exercise with rhythms.

This is a unique concept to Spy Tunes that has become one of our most popular exercises.

Put into a routine and practiced daily, the Spyders will seriously improve any guitarists:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Speed
  3. Right and Left Hand co-ordination
  4. Rhythmical Awareness
  5. Timing & Groove

The first three Spyders should set you up nicely for the Intermediate Chromatic Exercises where the concept will be taken to its full potential.

Before you dive into that, make sure you can play the first three Spyders to a click, keep the tempo around 70 BPM for now.

For exact step by step instructions of how to get the most from the Chromatic Exercises, turn to the Beginner Guitar Course.