Beginner Ear Training

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Learn how to hear intervals with Free Ear Training download!

Download the free interval ear training bundle and add to your mp3 library as an album.

Using your mp3 player in shuffle mode: Sing the song you think is corresponding to the interval before the voice reveals the answer.

Song references for Free Ear Training Download

Use these song references when you identify the intervals:

2 – Happy Birthday
3 – Oh When The Saints
4 – Here Comes The Bride
5 – Twinkle Twinkle
6 – My Way
7 – Superman Theme
8 – Over The Rainbow

These intervals are diatonic, this means that they are from the major scale (Do re mi fa so la ti de), so no sharp or flat notes.

Once you get them right straight away in every new session, move on to Intermediate Ear Training where you will integrate all the remaining chromatic intervals.