Finger Style Songs

Ain’t No Sunshine

Ain't No Sunshine

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Intermediate Finger Style Songs

Intermediate Finger Style Songs

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Advanced Finger Style Songs

Advanced Finger Style Songs

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Master Finger Style Songs

Master Finger Style Songs

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Learn how to play Finger Style Guitar!

These songs are all one acoustic guitar finger style arrangements.

First learn the Etude in the Acoustic Finger Style Guitar eBook, then move on to the full arrangement in the Guitar Conspiracy.

It is not necessary to play these arrangements as in the video lessons, you can simplify them or make them more intricate.

Whatever you choose to do, do record yourself, upload to Youtube and video respond to our lesson. This way you can get feedback on your performance!

Acoustic Finger Style techniques

The songs use a wide selection of finger style techniques and are performed by both Guru and Samantha Murray.

Guru and Sam have a slightly different right hand technique. Sam use a more floating, classically inspired technique which is great for songs like Over The Rainbow and Empire State Of Mind.

Classically inspired finger style

Sam has a light touch and plays a big guitar (Martin D28). This means she can create great dynamics using a lot of headroom.

In Empire State of Mind this is applied by utilizing long chords in the Verse and Chorus, allowing the guitar to resonate fully. As the M8 arrive the volume increase and the rhythmical patterns becoming more intense.

Folk inspired finger style

In a song like Blackbird or Fast Car, which are played by Guru, the pattern is more rhythmically busy and the dynamics more even through out.

The right hands position is now closer to the strings and the focus is on maintaining a steady flow. This technique works well for folk inspired songs.

Learn more about finger style guitar in the eBook Acoustic Finger Style Guitar.