Beginner Finger Style Songs

Beginner Guru

Learn how to play Finger Style Guitar!

Playing finger style songs is all about understanding finger style patterns.

When you take the beginner course we do just that, start with building basic patterns. Towards the end of the course we learn just one complete song in Ain’t No Sunshine.

As you move into Intermediate Finger Style Songs there are many more to learn as you by then have more knowledge of chords, rhythms and how to build patterns.

When playing finger style there are two main approaches.

Classically inspired finger style

The songs played by Sam are executed with a light touch and a floating technique. This means she can create great dynamics using a lot of headroom.

In Empire State of Mind this is applied when a sparse pattern play the chords in the Verse and Chorus, allowing the guitar to resonate fully.

As the M8 arrive the volume increase and the rhythmical patterns becoming more intense.

Using a light touch and a floating technique like this is great for dynamics. Not so great for groove.

Folk inspired finger style

In a song like Blackbird or Fast Car, which are played by Dan, the pattern is more rhythmically busy and the dynamics more even through out.

The right hands position is now closer to the strings and the focus is on maintaining a steady flow. This technique works well for folk inspired songs and use the thumb more frequently.

The folk inspired way is better for groove, not as great for extreme dynamics.

You must decide which technique suits you best. Get yourself setup to understand finger style guitar by taking the Beginner Guitar Course.